Journeyman League Week 4 (part 1)

   We had a fantastic week, with obvious growth from all players. I created a little video from the pictures I took.

  Our journeyman league allows replacement of all forces except the battle box battle group, with war caster replacement on week 4. I swapped for Absylonia2. The rest of my list included Angelius, Blight Wasps, Bolt Thrower, Neraph, Seraph, Shredder x2, and Forsaken x2. 

  My first match was versus Dallas, our press ganger, good sport, and host of the scrumcast podcast. He brought his trolls, lead by Jarl Skuld. His list included the Mountain King, Axer, Bouncer, Impaler, three Scattergunners, and Braylen wanderheart. 

  I won the first roll and chose table edge, as our terrain included a river that partially obstructed one side while there were forests on the other. I wanted to use the forests to my advantage and force the trolls to deal with the river. He chose to deploy/play first with the gunners on one side of the river to his right, the mountain King in the river with Jarl in the middle of the board and the rest of his battle group to his left. He put Quickness on Braylen, who spent all game on my right flank, plinking damage off my beasts and using one of my forests against me.

   My bolt thrower and wasps were to my left, using the other forest for cover. Absylonia, the shredders, and the forsaken were in the middle. My winged heavies started on my eighth and side.

  We both pressed forward into the central zone. Our week four scenario has a twelve inch round zone in the middle of the board, and you can score a point a turn if only your models are in the zone. I had a bit more shooting, so stayed back and toed the zone, while he used his feat to stave off my charge. He was really worried about my forsaken, who were getting well stocked in fury. He charged the Mountain King right up into my face, using a spray to destroy one of them. Unfortunately, his dice failed as he whiffed three attacks against my Seraph.

   My next turn was the real breaking point. I started with my surviving forsaken, who walked forward and ravaged the troll beasts that were up in my grill. I followed that with a feat. Absylonia used her siphoning strike tail attack to leach all the fury off the mountain King and bought extra attacks with each one. Wow, she is a beast. I cleaned up most of the board, but wasn't able to get any points because the King had dropped wells all over it. Gross.

  The endgame was a duel. Absylonia and the bolt thrower in the zone, Jarl outside the zone to my left, and Braylen still pestering me on my right flank. I was winning on points, so Jarl threw himself into the zone, where Absylonia finished him off. 

  Fantastic game! I might be in love with Absylonia2.  

More next time.