An End... and A Beginning

 The Wasatch Irregulars have added a new game to our weekly rotation. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. I have picked up a set of Amazon models that will work both for Ghost Archipelago and for Blood Bowl. As is my custom, I have written some fiction.

  In my first match, the leader of my team (the Heritor) was killed. Thus her story ended, and the rest of the saga begins:

  As Laodoke finished her rites, Dorinoe gestured solemnly. Marpe, Iphito, Pisto, and Antandre simultaneously lowered their torches to the funeral bier. Their ship waited silently in the dusk light of the west, nearly empty. The majority of the Sisterhood had come to shore to pay their last respects to their fallen commander. 
  It was now up to Dorinoe to lead her people. She had heard that the Heritors of other nations fought one another in their pursuit of the Crystal Pool. Even now with her leader fallen, allowing her to fully take up the mantle of power and leadership, she felt her duty and love binding her more closely to her sisters. 
  Some of them were also Heritors and Wardens. She felt great pride as they maintained their dignity in spite of the lust growing in each of their hearts. The Crystal Pool's call was strengthening as they grew closer. 
  All stood silent witness until the flame had burned fully to the damp earth. Wiping a single tear from her cheek, Dorinoe stepped forward, breaking the stillness of the ceremony. All eyes turned to her.
  "With Brenna's sacrifice, we have learned much," Dorinoe began, "Not least, the strength of our opponents."
  "Marpe. Celaneo. Choose you companions to accompany me as I continue our search. Laodoke, will you also join me? Your arboreal gifts will be much needed in the days to come."
  The Warden nodded, and the warriors raised an arm of salute to their breasts. Besides these acknowledgements, Dorinoe also noticed the gritting of teeth and tensing of muscles. Clearly, some of her sisters had thought we were to be picked. Dorinoe made a mental note to approach these women and reassure them of her love and commitment to them.
  "We will continue tomorrow. Let us return to the Triton."